LISTEN: Soul Honey Records Releases Indie-Pop Single “Get Ready For War”

Chicago-based artist and recording pro Andrew Christopoulos’s dynamic experiment, Soul Honey Records, is anything but traditional. Rather than confining to the typical structure of a fixed band, the musicians and collaborators featured in Soul Honey’s music are constantly changing, differing from song to song and allowing for stark changes in sound between each track.

Soul Honey Records’ new single “Get Ready For War,” is a collaboration with Sean Burke and Eric Doar of Friday Pilots Club + Allie Robson, who sings with Inho & The Violet Suns.

“I wrote “Get Ready For War” during the early days of the stay-at-home order. My friend and collaborator Sean Burke (of Friday Pilots Club) sent me the main bass riff, which I loved immediately. He got the tone by doubling multiple bass lines and actually recorded his bass amp through his laptop microphone because he didn’t have a mic handy at the time.

The next day I began writing lyrics and melodies to create a rough arrangement. While this “new normal” of living in the pandemic initially influenced the lyrics, the deep pain and unrest following George Floyd’s murder and the epidemic of police brutality in our country added a new layer in this song that’s ultimately about the immense challenges of this year.

Sean and I exchanged more tracks back and forth until we were eventually able to finish the song at my home studio, adding acoustic guitars, the organelle, and more (including having our pals, Eric Doar and Allie Robson play drums and sing backups, respectively).” -Andrew

A man of many talents, Andrew Christopoulos is also the head engineer of Chicago’s Sound Vault Studios, and has peers affiliated with some of the most respected and successful Chicago artists in the music industry today (Saba, Retirement Party, and Kweku Collins to name a few). The rapid and compelling evolution of Christopouslos’s Soul Honey Records is an endeavor shared by friends who put their heart and soul into their music. Its unique character is what separates it from the pack, placing it in a category that is entirely its own.

Check out “Get Ready For War” here:




photo by: Nick Langlois