LISTEN: Soft Glas Voices His Anxieties in Misty New Single “Cyclones”

On Friday, December 4, Cuban-born singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Joao Gonzalez (otherwise known as Soft Glas) released a new single paired with a choppy stop motion-esque music video. “Cyclones” feels like a diary entry in the form of a song.

In this wistful track, Soft Glas reflects on a life spent analyzing that which he cannot change about himself. The song is a hopeful expression of acceptance, explaining that it’s unnecessary to fixate on the past, and important to move on.

“‘Cyclones’ is an inner dialogue with my anxiety. It’s almost like an ongoing discussion with my own turbulent thoughts. I am aware of how compromised my faith, confidence, hope, and general well-being are. However, I am actively trying to dig out of that hole, with a tinge of optimism powering me along.” -Soft Glas

The track’s repeated chorus reads as a mantra:


“Holding on feels right

I don’t want to waste more time…”


The artful music video for “Cyclones” features lyrics in a font resembling scrawled handwriting. It’s as if, throughout the track, Soft Glas is writing his thoughts down as they’re formed. This makes for a raw, authentic listening and viewing experience that you certainly don’t want to miss.

Stream Soft Glas’s “Cyclones” here and check out the music video below:




photo by: Jillian Gomez