LISTEN: Peter Bjorn and John Deliver New EP Illuminating Their Soft Spots

Released on Friday, December 11, Peter Bjorn and John’s new EP Endless Play is crafted of three tracks cut from the same wood. “Season of Defiance,” “Gone Gone Gone,” and “Gonggong” make up a cohesive trio of songs from an immensely talented trio of musicians. Today, COLLiDE is lucky enough to present a track-by-track with each song from the EP covered by a different band member. Check it out below!

Season Of Defiance  / Peter:

“As quite a few of my PBJ-songs started in a different time-signature as a fingerpicked acoustic thing that we sped & jingle-jangled up in the grand tradition of The Byrds popifying folk. Like a lot of material from the ”Endless Dream”-album the final version is 90 % based on a live take of the 3-piece and beautiful things happening between us in the spur of the moment. John added some percussive elements and I added a couple of different acoustic guitars for chiming textures as well as some choirboy-baroque-hamonies. The song is supposed to sound like a fresh spring new morning, still a bit chilly but with warmth coming on and I think it does. Light but with weight if that makes sense. Lyrically it has the same ethos as the rest of my contributions to ”Endless Dream”. It takes notice of all the darkness and shit around us (the ”darker days” if you will) but are determined to look forward with a positive outlook and a glimmer of hope. Granted…even harder to do now than when I wrote it but nevertheless. We sure do need to stay defiant these days and not be scared into silence and submission. So it’s a very gentle call to arms I suppose, in a couple of coupled together sentences that you can read a lot into if you like…or not… ” (Peter)

Gone Gone Gone / Bjorn:

“This chord progression is something that we’ve been messing around with for years. Trying different melodies and approaches. It even had a bit of Beethoven’s “Für Elise”  mixed with Twisted Sisters in there for a while. But at last we found a melody that clicked and made into a little acoustic twelve string gem. Btw- don’t miss John’s snare drum singing. A real rare spooky vibe :)” (Bjorn)

Gonggong / John:

“This song is about eros, emotional schizophrenia, the ambiguous feeling of desire, the fear of falling for someone and the art of self-control. I wanted the music to have the same ambiguous and perplexed feeling as the lyric so when we were recording it, we played the song over and over again, and every time we started from the top, we all changed instruments. So on this song, Peter, Bjorn and me play guitar, bass and drums, on the same song and for the first time.”  (John)


Listen to the full EP here:




photo by: Johan Bergmark