LISTEN: Pete + Sara release first alt-pop single “Get it Together”

The duo’s reconnection results in a new alt-pop project that promises strong lyrics and encapsulating beats.

Pete + Sara’s first single of 2021 shows off the impressive and combined songwriting that Peter Verdell and Sara Linsday possess.

“Get it Together” is the first of nine singles planned for release by Pete + Sara in 2021. The result of those singles will be their debut project, Let’s Make it Complicated. The song comes from a place of trying to turn one’s life around and wondering when it will finally happen.

“This song might as well be the story of my life,” Lindsay said. “I say the chorus to myself daily so it felt natural to turn it into a song. Pete created a sick beat and it came out way cooler than the original concept.”

If you’re one of the many waiting for things to turn around and improve in 2021, “Get it Together” is the perfect track. Stream it now on your favorite distribution platform.

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photo by: Shauna Miller