LISTEN: Mamalarky To Release Self Titled Debut LP 11/20

Following the release of their dreamy indie track, “You Make Me Smile” Mamalarky is set to release their self titled album on November 20, 2020. COLLiDE had the pleasure of chatting with the band about the upcoming album and what they’ve been up to.

How has relocating to Atlanta influenced you sonically?

We find a lot of room to write and explore living together as bandmates and having that shared space to be creating together. But we’ll keep you posted on that one since we’ve only been here a couple months! We’re like anyone else; in the walls of our home, dreaming of the future.

Who are your musical heroes?

YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA, Laraaji, Aretha Franklin, Jake Tobin. Music that makes us dance and feel and wonder!

How has lockdown been for you, has it altered your outlook on your music or creativity?

Lockdown has been a reflective time. Last year we were moving around so fast I feel like I barely processed our reality. It’s confronted everyone with an overwhelming sense of concern and crisis, and at the same time allowed a pause on certain parts of being a musician, touring specifically, that is sad and also, in a sense, cathartic. I think it’s allowed us to explore songwriting and practice in a new way that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Tell me a little about “You Make Me Smile” and what the song means to you.

YMMS is extremely personal to me. It’s both jovial and forlorn, the realization of true love that’s maybe come at the wrong time or for the wrong person. That haunting love that sits in your head as a permanent fixture no matter where you are or what you’re doing. It’s overwhelming to realize-that EUREKA moment is really personified in the chorus I think.

Do you have a favorite song from your upcoming debut album?

Big Trouble is one of my favorites, the freaky and fun child of our album family. It’s also one of the more ‘guitar-y’ songs in that a lead guitar line acts as the chorus and I actually have a guitar solo in it, which is probably a first for me in Mamalarky. It wasn’t planned, my bandmates forced me to play one on the spot because I didn’t write a chorus.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

I’d collab with the extended family members of all of Mamalarky, all the ones who are not musicians. We would build a massive orchestra and choir and cover ABBA songs. We would wear pastel suits.

Have you faced any major challenges in the process of creating the album? If so, what were they?

Recording music isn’t always easy, in fact it can be incredibly emotional. Cementing your feelings and putting them on display, as a product for consumption by strangers. It feels unnatural at times, and also extremely validating. I think the biggest lessons I’ve learned in creating our first album is that being as honest about your experience in your lyrics and songwriting is the best way to walk away with music you’ll always believe in.

What are your goals for the next year, following the release of the album?

I think the main thing our brains gravitate toward is creating the next album and finding ways to continue ‘banding’ through this shit year! Making fans of our music smile is a pretty major goal as well, and finding ways to utilize our platform to help other people. Link here to donate to our hometown Community Fridge network in Austin, Texas!

Preorder the new album, Mamalarky, HERE and check out the music video for “You Make Me Smile” below.