LISTEN: Maejor’s Unprecedented Use Of Sound Frequency Presents Itself Again in “Better”

American music producer, songwriter, and recording artist, Maejor, creates therapeutic music that is meant to not only be enjoyed, but to heal and soothe the soul. As the first Pop artist to release music at a healing  frequency of 432 Hz, Maejor is truly making waves in the music industry. 

The Detroit-born artist connects to his Jamaican roots in his music, combining healing qualities with classic island sounds. His 2019 track “I Love You” (with Greeicy), which reached #1 on French Independent Radio Charts, is the perfect example of this mix, incorporating soft percussion and guitar at a 432 Hz frequency. Following the release of Vol 1: Frequency, Maejor’s new single “Better” continues to combine elements of musical healing and heritage, showing that Maejor is dedicated to his recent goals.

“Today, it is my life mission to find a way to heal the planet through music. I’ve been studying Tibetan monks, sound baths, binaural beats, brainwaves, and how sound can be used to heal. There are doctors using this technology and people using it in the spiritual community, but I’m really passionate about merging it into mainstream music. This is something new and something different which will hopefully inspire other artists. I hope it inspires you, uplifts you and makes you feel good”. -Maejor (Billboard)

For Maejor, these groundbreaking frequency-related achievements are only the tip of the iceberg in reference to his success. Maejor has produced music for national campaigns like Pepsi and the Boston Celtics, and scored multiple film soundtracks. He was named a Grammy nominee in both 2010 and 2011 for his work on albums by Trey Songz and Monica, and later for his work on Justin Bieber’s Purpose. He’s also written and produced for incredibly prolific artists such as Post Malone, Tiesto, and Martin Garrix (just to name a few).

Check out the video for “Better” below, and be sure to look out for more from Maejor in the near future.