LISTEN: “Lost In Your Light” from Waiting for Smith will have you lost in dreamy tones

Singer/songwriter Harry Lloyd known as Waiting for Smith drops his new tune, “Lost In Your Light.”

It’s the aesthetic of golden autumn leaves and feels as warming as a hot drink on a cold day: wonderfully folky and soothing, “Lost In Your Light” is a total delight.

Twangy guitars and reverb strums are washed over by flutters of acoustic guitar and delicate waves of electric strings. The drums are soft and carry the song leaving space for the other elements to shimmer through. Waiting for Smith has a comforting, warm vocal tone, singing “let’s get lost in your light.” It is in fact easy to get lost in the dreamy voice and layers of harmonies.

“I’m not Jesus, I’m just trying my best, I’m still swimming like the rest,” Lloyd sings. His lyrics have depth to them, and his use of metaphors to describe emotions make the words visual and engaging.

There are elements that flicker throughout that add a more minor feel but the song comes round like the tides and relives to a more major feel. Its subtle emotional complexity makes the song totally beautiful. Lloyd’s buttery vocals are just as smooth as the production, it’s easy to relax and feel you’re in good company with his voice melting your ears.

The song narrates the reality that most of us are pretending to be fine, bubbly or confident, when in actual fact, we’re all a little lost in the journey of life—and perhaps it’s not too easy to share that. But doesn’t it feel amazing to be open and vulnerable with the right person?

Listen to “Lost In Your Light” now: