LISTEN: London four-piece TV Priest release long-awaited debut album “Uppers”

TV Priest bring listeners an album full of questions and answers, building upon the British post-punk resurgence to create a “sound you can’t un-hear.”

Uppers comes after TV Priest’s release of singles “Decoration” and “Press Gang.”

Drinkwater, Alex Sprogis (guitar), Nic Bueth (bass and keys) and Ed Kelland (drums) give listeners an album packed with chaotic energy. Rather than being overwhelming though, Uppers has an energy you can grasp and hold onto—something difficult to come by in the ever-continuing pandemic.

“I think post-punk came out in a historical context—a time and place that was very unique in terms of a reaction to socio-economic influences,” Drinkwater said. “In the UK especially, it was a reaction to right-wing politics. It took the nihilism of punk and turned it into something slightly different, maybe slightly more outward than inward.”

“It’s about rejecting a lot of things. I think a lot of the problem is it has a very narrow view, which we are, of four fuckin’ white dudes in a band. When actually, I think post-punk is a lot wider than that.”

Standout track “Press Gang” was based on stories Drinkwater heard from his grandpa, a photojournalist and war correspondent working on the UK’s Fleet Street from the 1950s to 1980s. The song tackles the spread of media and news and the trajectory of the loss of truth as a result.

Uppers is an album we’ll be streaming all winter.


Uppers is out Feb. 5 via Sub Pop Records.




photo by: Dan Kendall