LISTEN: Lomon refuses to be defeated in uplifting new single “Escape Velocity”

Michigan-born, Seattle-based artist Lomon creates music for escapism.

He creates music which not only pleases the ear, but puts you in a rocket and blasts you to another dimension. His latest single “Escape Velocity” does just that.

In three minutes and four seconds, Lomon makes you forget about all your worries, lifting the weight off your shoulders and purging all negativity. Though echoing vocals, floating melodies and swirling soundscapes the musician makes you feel as if you’re dancing through space, oblivious to the chaos that’s occurring back down on Earth.

His laid-back, conversational tone emits a friendly and welcoming ambience, making you want to stay in this little world of Lomon’s for the foreseeable future. “Escape Velocity” also has an uplifting narrative, providing an encouraging message that everything will be okay.

Lomon shares, “The song’s protagonist feels completely defeated. But as it goes on, he becomes more hopeful and optimistic. So maybe listening to the song will inspire someone to pick themselves back up after falling down, and marching again.”

“Escape Velocity” is the third track of Lomon’s to be released—all of which have a space-oriented theme. We have our fingers crossed for an upcoming EP.

Give “Escape Velocity” a listen below:



Photo by: Sarah Cass