LISTEN: Kyd the Band channels struggles with the American Dream and family in “Season 3: The Realization” EP

A follow-up to his previous Season 1 and Season 2 EPs, Kyd the Band bends alt-pop in Season 3: The Realization to create a piece of work that leaves him at his most vulnerable.

The result is an EP that is candidly honest about balancing the impact personal family struggles with the need to be there for the ones we hold closest. Kyd the Band, or Devin Guisande, mentions a wide range of topics on Season 3 but all lead back to the artist’s personal growth.

“I’ve done a lot of things I’m not proud of and that used to torture me every day,” Guisande said. “And I’ve done a lot of things I am proud of, but I’m realizing that’s all a part of life. I’m realizing that the people that I love are what matter most in my life.”

Guisande’s love for the people in his life radiates throughout Season 3. The listener is reminded to check in on their own inner circle and to check in on themselves.

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Photos by: Garret Hayes