LISTEN: Julietta tells you to believe in yourself with new single “Not Today”

A poignant delivery of an optimistic message during pessimistic times. Julietta turns thoughts of self-doubt into a rallying cry against her own mental hurdles, allowing herself to turn doubt into confidence. 


Sometimes you’ve just gotta tell yourself that you can do it. You might not believe it at first, but if you tell yourself enough times, maybe you’ll start to. Maybe it’s hypnosis, maybe it’s confidence. Julietta seems set on finding out.

Settling into smoother, melodic verses, Julietta finds her stride on “Not Today” gliding on top of bouncing keys and a consistent drum pattern allowing her vocals to take center stage. Silky vocals turn to loud, dramatic choruses and Julietta accomplishes both without losing a step. For fans of golden tinted indie-pop, “Not Today” will likely become a cornerstone of your daily rotation. It’s a big, promising track from the LA transplant indicative of her pop finesse, lyrical intentions, and bright future as an artist.

“Not Today” comes as a single off Julietta’s upcoming “Levitate” EP which is to be released on February 5th, 2021. You can listen to the track here! 





photo by: Brett Kincaid and Britt McCamey