LISTEN: Indie rockers The Elwins release fourth LP “IV”

On IV, band members Matthew Sweeney, Francesco Figliomeni, Fuerd and Travis Stokl play with different sounds and environments, creating a collection of songs that are equal parts catchy, clever and classic.

The Canadian four-piece has a decade of experience creating music that’s just as comfortable to listen to in headphones as it is to hear it blasted from the speakers at a live show. The Elwins show with IV that embracing new methods can lead to a record that is more emotional and vulnerable, making it easier for the listener to find a connection.

IV also features standout song “Take Me All the Way,” which was given praise from outlets such as Alt Press and American Songwriter. It’s 13 tracks in total, a self-described “labor of love” from the Elwins to the world.

IV is out Oct. 23, 2020 via Pink Eye Recordings and AntiFragile Music. Listen below: