LISTEN: hannah hausman learns to let go on new track “will I ever feel like this again?”
hannah hausman

The Tennessee native touches on toxicity and knowing when to walk away on her latest track, exploring the fears of apathy through a relationship gone sour.


Will they? Won’t they? Should they even try? It’s a dilemma all too familiar in the trappings of modern romance, but when hannah hausman ponders the similar situation, the comfort found in the relatable narrative is too compelling to ignore.

The Tennessee-born, Los Angeles-based artist grapples with the grey area on her newest single “will i ever feel like this again?” an indie pop examination of a something-ship found between the lines of staying friends and making it official. With soft guitar strums, a warm piano backdrop and snapping percussive effects, hausman wonders aloud why she’s involved in such a toxic entanglement, and more importantly, why she wants to stay.

“I started writing this song a year ago to navigate my conflicting feelings about a guy who I always loved but knew would be bad for me. Even though I knew he wasn’t right for me, he made me feel something I had never felt before. We ended up dating and our relationship was even more toxic than I imagined. It was so hard to leave him because I was so scared to fall back into apathy. The song follows my intuition and emotions as they fight against one another, and I gain the courage to walk away,” Hausman said of the track.

With a TikTok at 70,000 views and counting and over 1 million streams on the 2018 single “lost in brooklyn,” hannah hausman is making the rounds – and it’s not hard to see why. Between her indie vocal color and instrumentals, comparable to that of QUINNXCII and Chelsea Cutler, and her relatable lyricism, hausman offers music that’s endlessly accessible to a modern audience. She’s forging a genuine connection with fans through her shared experiences, whether that’s something as complicated as not knowing how to leave a damaging relation or as simple as wanting to be held.

This commitment to creating personal connections is what makes hausman such an interesting artist. “will i ever feel like this again” continues the trend of transparency, one established early on with her willingness to open up about her past challenges. Starting off by belting showtunes on the pageant stage, hausman adopted a vocal style that hid who she really was, but after battling a virus that almost took her voice, she decided to stop pretending.

“I wasted so much time and energy hiding my passion for singing because I convinced myself I wasn’t good enough. After losing my voice for so long, I learned how precious of a gift it is, and that it could be taken away from me at any moment. It made me less hesitant to get out there, trust my intuition, and let others in,” she said of the experience.

It’s this voice, her real one, that comes through loud and clear on “will i ever feel like this again?” Light and lilting, delicate and dazzling, hannah hausman uses it to navigate an experience familiar to many and make it her own.

Listen to “will i ever feel like this again?” here




photo by: Brook Boyer