LISTEN: Hailey Knox Releases Dreamlike Acoustic Video Rendition of Single “a boy named pluto”

Hailey Knox released an acoustic video rendition of her song “a boy named pluto” and it tugged at COLLiDE’s heartstrings in the most endearing way possible. Through fantastical and creative songwriting, the calming yet intricately detailed track reels in the listener to provide them with the intimate story of Pluto and his love for Genevieve.

Despite the fact that we don’t know Pluto, we feel for him and for Genevieve by the end of the track, understanding his unshakable love for her regardless of her feelings. The beautiful tone of Hailey’s voice provides us with a calming rendition that is sure to leave the listener both speechless and sentimental.

“This release is an acoustic rendition of my more synth based song “a boy named pluto.” I started off by only playing the guitar and have ventured into a wider style of production over the last couple years.

I wrote this song a year and a half ago and have been playing this acoustic version live on tour prior to COVID.

I’ve grown a connection to the stripped version and wanted to release this version out into the world.”

Understandably, Knox felt that the acoustic version of “a boy named pluto” needed to be shared with the world. When describing the song itself, Hailey explains that,

“I wanted to make a song about two fictional characters. While writing, we really pulled from our imaginations and put ourselves in the shoes of Pluto and Genevieve, the characters we created. I feel like one idea leads to the next when I write – I rarely go in with a main concept. I often write from my own experiences but I wanted to try a different approach – writing a story about other people… This song means a lot to me because it’s the first song Angelo and I wrote together. We are both perfectionists so saying that this song has evolved is an understatement. From countless vocal takes, to spending hours just to find one word, it’s fulfilling to see the song at its final stage.”

Check out the video for Hailey Knox’s “a boy named pluto,” here:




photo by: Talisa Gurunian