LISTEN: Grouplove announce surprise album “This is This” and mark one year in quarantine

This is This is set for release on March 12 via Atlantic Records and comes as the result of a long and difficult year for Grouplove.

Chart-topping alternative band Grouplove surprised listeners on March 10 with the unexpected release of single “Deadline” and the announcement of This Is This, an album that directly articulates the emotions that come with a world effectively shutting down.

Having been set to hit the road in celebration of their album Grammy-nominated album HEALER last March, Grouplove instead faced lockdown announcements and cancelled performances. Like many other bands, they got to work and created an album while facing down a pandemic.


“We hope this album gives people the permission to fucking scream or headbang or punch walls,” Grouplove said. “It’s important to stay emotional. The whole rainbow is important. If we just live in the light blues, are we really alive? I’m not. I need to feel it all.”


This is This is the group’s fifth full-length LP and is comprised of nine tracks.

Listen to Grouplove now:




photo by: Jimmy Fontaine