PREMIERE: Genre-fluid musician 30 releases 90s-inspired single “Your Skin Crawls”

With inspirations ranging from Kid Cudi to Cage the Elephant, 30’s latest single drops Oct. 7 and discusses self-doubt and insecurity.

The song features harmonious electric guitar riffs under 30’s voice as he sings about the heartbreak of seeing someone you love go through a rough time with their mental health.

“We knew this song was special on the first day we worked on it. I sent Pete [a producer] some chords, and he hit me back with this incredible riff – the same one that’s in the song now,” 30 said.

“I wrote the lyrics, recorded a demo, and we jumped on the phone and just talked about how beautiful it was for like an hour. It was so strong with just the bones, guitar and vocals, that we knew it was going to be a special record, and we wanted to keep it pretty stripped and live instrument based. Almost six months later, this is what we got.”

“Your Skin Crawls” comes ahead of 30’s anticipated album The Introspects of a Psycho, set to come out in late 2020.

Stream “Your Skin Crawls” on Soundcloud now: