WATCH: French Cassettes release newest single “Santa Cruz Tomorrow”

Lush guitar lines and playful, poetic lyrics frame the band’s latest single “Santa Cruz Tomorrow,” taking the listener into a hazy world of sunny afternoon weather.

“Santa Cruz Tomorrow” comes ahead of the San Francisco-based band’s latest project Rolodex, out Dec. 11, 2020 via Tender Loving Empire. COLLiDE sat and talked with the band’s singer and songwriter Scott Huerta to learn more about his process.


What artists inspired you while working on Rolodex? While listening to the album, I personally was reminded of modern alternative artist Still Woozy and classic artist Red Hot Chili Peppers, especially in those groovy bass guitar lines.

E.L.O., The Strokes, Cake, Magnetic Fields are always my go-to for writing songs if I ever feel the need. I did have a Chili Peppers Live at Slane Castle DVD growing up and that’s still one of my favorite live performances ever so maybe I stole from Flea a bit, who knows.

Can we expect a music video for any of the tracks on Rolodex? I know you guys released a video for “Utah” earlier this fall. It was a beautiful video!

I remember my dad told me that when Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video came out that everyone had to leave high school early just to see it on their TV at home cuz it aired early in the afternoon so I thought it would funny to add a back story to Santa Cruz Tomorrow and hope my dad thinks it’s funny.


Were there specific scenes that you envisioned while writing the songs that would become Rolodex? While taking a listen to “Santa Cruz Tomorrow,” I felt like I was enjoying a relaxing afternoon on the beach or driving down an empty highway.

It makes me happy that that song sprung that imagery, but no, I had no foresight in what I thought these songs would make anyone see while they listen. 0:58 on “Isn’t Anyone?” I imagined a time lapse of a flower blooming but we didn’t have the budget.

How did quarantine and the pandemic affect the overall creation of Rolodex?

We worked on Rolodex for 5 years and finished it in March 2020 so the pandemic had nothing to do with it but I stand by my brother who said, “it’s music I’d actually listen to.”

Besides releasing new music, what else is French Cassettes excited about in 2020?

We got a pile of new songs, I love them a lot, but seeing as it’s nearing Dec. I’d say that’s a 2021 excitement.


Watch the music video for “Santa Cruz Tomorrow” now:



Photo by: Nikki Neumann