LISTEN: Forester’s New Album is the Perfect Soundtrack for a Scenic Sunset Hike

LA-based duo Forester has done it again, crafting their sophomore album A Range of Light with beauty and grace. Forester’s palette of unique sounds creates a diaphanous aura surrounding their music — one thats basis in nature and humanity is hard to find in most electronic music today.

Forester’s Xander Carlson and David Parris sing, write, and produce their own music. Friends since high school, the two are able to create a warmth and closeness in their sound that simply couldn’t exist if created by two strangers. Growing up in LA, they understood the bustling essence of city life but had a passion for nature: thus Forester was created to artfully combine both environments. Following their exciting major label deal with Palm Tree Records in May 2020, Forester is taking their music to new heights with A Range of Light.

A Range of Light, referring to the mountains of Northern California where most of the album was written, is a vibrant collection of stories turned to sound. The name also refers to the wide “range” of life experiences that shaped these songs. Strung together, the album tracks tell a story of being humbled by hardship and rising from the ashes to see life through a more beautiful lense.” – Forester

Tracks like “All My Days” and “Islands” from the new album display Forester’s distinct ability to create multifaceted music, blending sensory detail and emotion with elements of popular dance tracks. Through and through, the album is ode to the beautiful things in life — moments spent watching a sunset over the horizon or enjoying the presence of loved ones. For this reason, COLLiDE is providing our readers with a list of some of the best hiking spots in and around LA so you can listen to A Range of Light in the environment that it’s best suited for. Prepare for an audiovisual experience you won’t forget.

The Best Hiking Spots: Chosen By Friends of COLLiDE

Fryman Canyon Trail, Studio City

known for: wild flowers, prime LA location

Eaton Canyon Trail, Altadena 

known for: waterfall, low difficulty

Tuna Canyon Park, Topanga

known for: wild flowers, ocean views

Temescal Canyon Trail, Topanga

known for: waterfall, panoramic view of city

Malibu Lake Trail, Calabasas

known for: rock pool, MASH film sight

Hollyridge Trail to Hollywood Sign Viewpoint, Griffith Park

known for: 360 view of Hollywood sign

Palos Verdes Bluffs Trail, Palos Verdes

known for: wild flowers

Franklin Canyon Park, Beverly Hills

known for: hidden lake, shade

Tar Creek, Fillmore

known for: waterfall, cliff jumping

Runyon Canyon Park, Hollywood

known for: celebrity sightings, great views

Annie’s Canyon Trail, Solana Beach (this one is in San Diego but highly suggested)

known for: lake, mushroom caves

Stream the full album below:



photo by: Madeline Megery