LISTEN: Elle Belle releases raw, 90s-inspired single “Everyone Knows (But They Won’t Tell You)”

The single is the second released ahead of Elle Belle’s upcoming album Post Everything, out in November 2020.

For the release of “Everyone Knows (But They Won’t Tell You),” Elle Belle shared some photos and words with COLLiDE talking about the influences behind the songs featured on Post Everything. Check it out below:

I had a recurring dream as a child where I would stumble upon a place in my hometown that I had never seen before. This felt impossible in the small rural town of Auburn, New Hampshire, but there among the familiar geography, would be a road I had somehow missed. I’d wake up before I got the chance to explore, but the possibility that my hometown had places left to discover exhilarated me.

There is a mishmash of influences—musical, political, personal—that were mixed into the pot when making Post Everything, and while recording the album I started to have that dream again.

Just as before, I would be walking through familiar sights until I’d find a hidden new place. This time it was in the neighboring town of Manchester, NH, but it gave me the same thrill I had when I was young. I don’t know what the dreams meant, but I welcomed their return.

So, I travelled back to my hometown in search of these hidden places. I’d retrace my steps to the edge of reality and dream and scan the landscape, looking for the street, or secret door that would lead me to that undiscovered place.

The city looks tired now but there’s an aesthetic—I’ve been referring to as “urban fatigue”—that feels aligned with this album. Post Everything is unpolished and raw, an homage to the 90s records that shaped me as a kid growing up in NH. I wouldn’t find the hidden places from my dreams, but before moving on I snapped some pictures.



Watch the lyric video for “Everyone Knows (But They Won’t Tell You)” below:

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