LISTEN: Ben Wylen releases single “Naive” ahead of confessional 12-track LP

Singer-songwriter Ben Wylen takes a more vulnerable stance in stripped-down piano and vocals single “Naive,” reminding the listener that it’s okay to feel strong emotions in difficult times.

Wylen’s voice drips like honey as he recounts a story of heartbreak and loss. Listening to “Naive” reminds the listener to slow down and process whatever they may be feeling in the moment. The high amount of passion in Wylen’s voice radiates throughout the three minute track, feeling like a nod to emotional ballads sung by heavyweights like Coldplay or Hozier.

Wylen said that he tried to capture the visceral nature of dealing with loss when working on “Naive.”

“I have always thought that loss is one of those things in life that is so elusive,” Wylen said. “You spend all this time trying to make sense of it but somehow you can’t. The things you hold dear are bound to disappear. Everything is fleeting. The problem is, there is so often no reasonable explanation.”

The single is one of nine that comes ahead of Wylen’s debut solo album People Say, out Dec. 4, 2020.

Listen to “Naive” now:



Cover art courtesy of Ben Wylen.