LISTEN: awfultune’s “Dear Sarah” EP Faces Past and Present Identities with Raw Honesty

awfultune’s recent EP reads as a five-track story about the night our narrator, awfultune’s Layla Eden, met a girl named Sarah in the bathroom. The reality of the story is that Sarah, although originally based on a dear friend, is representative of Layla’s confident and unrestrained alter ego — making Dear Sarah a vulnerable, low-fi letter to herself.

Featured on Dear Sarah, the 2019 single “I Met Sarah In The Bathroom” was used in a trend where TikTokers would reference something offensive or backhanded that was said to them, and act unbothered when responding but deeply hurt in reality. This trend caused the track to blow up with “I Met Sarah In The Bathroom” amassing over 37 million streams on Spotify. The song’s success drew Layla to release the full EP surrounding the story of Sarah. To Layla, the EP signifies the melding of her previous album “michael” and her recent album “layla,” acting as a time capsule and drawing from her experiences from before and after transitioning. “michael” is representative of the past, while “layla” is representative of the present and future, making “For Sarah” something of an in-between.

An active and outspoken member of the LGBTQIA+ community and a voice for those who feel as though they’ve yet to find themselves, or simply feel unwelcome and alone in the world, Layla has been incredibly open about her experiences on social media, documenting her journey through Instagram.

In regards to sharing her personal life so publicly, she says “It is completely terrifying. Sometimes even downright uncomfortable. My music is like a diary entry that millions of people are reading and listening to. That kind of vulnerability is what resonates with people most though. I’ve grown and changed enough to the point where I’m not afraid of who I used to be. Every version of myself is my truth regardless of if I’m not attached to that person anymore. I’d rather face it than run away from it. I am no better than anyone else and I’m just like you. It’s the cliché, but it’s very much the truth.”

Check out Dear Sarah below: