LISTEN: Anna of the North unwraps her latest, delicate EP, ‘Believe’

Over the past three years, Norwegian songstress Anna of the North has established her own enchanting brand of dreamy pop music that hits straight to the heart.

Anna encountered a non-traditional rise to stardom starting by pursuing her passion for graphic design. It was not until she moved to Melbourne where she met like-minded creative individuals who allowed her to “play this music dream out loud,” she describes.

Today, Anna shares her acoustic, stripped back EP, Believe. The five-track project allowed her to take on something different, as we continue to experience astonishing differences in our daily lives. From the lo-fi reverb in “Lover Ghost,” acoustic chords in “Lovers (Home Made),” to a spellbinding cover of Cher’s “Believe,” Anna demonstrates both her extensive range and maturity as an artist.

As an acclaimed songwriter, she emphasized the value in connecting with others and telling stories that exude both emotion and authenticity but remains harmonious with multiple audiences. “I get so much energy from other people, I just think it’s quite interesting how we all function together in this world, even though we quite different,” Anna explains.

Returning to music that was written in a past life opened new doors for Anna, and she succeeded in giving each track a new role by changing the musical context to match modern times. “When you put those lyrics into a more melancholy context, it adds way more depth to it in a way. It’s really interesting to see these songs living different lives,” she mentions.

Anna of the North showcases an array of talents and extends her creative reach through soft sounds — wrapped beautifully and hand-delivered in a heart-shaped box. The homemade tracks found on Believe were made for movie-worthy moments, even if that means enjoying the music alone in your bedroom.

Listen to the EP here:




photo by: Lisa Alexandra