LISTEN: A Bold and Brazen Christmas Playlist by Jocelyn Mackenzie

Following the December 1, 2020 release of Jocelyn Mackenzie’s catchy Christmas single “Never Stop Believing in Santa Claus,” COLLiDE has the privilege of sharing an exclusive playlist and blurb from Jocelyn, celebrating her shameless love of Christmas music.


Have Yourself A Shameless Little Christmas

I am a progressive feminist anti-capitalist witch. And I love Christmas.

Christmas is sensual. Between the tree, the trimmings, the smells of roast chicken and root vegetables, the warmth of the fire or rattling Brooklyn radiator, the snuggly softness of the new fleece jammies from mom, the homemade apple pie, the steaming cocoa, the manger Grandpa Ed built just for me, and the sense of connection I feel with my fellow humans all nuzzled up in our respective homes ignoring our phones for a whole day, all of my senses are on pleasure mode, tuned to complete yuletide overdrive. It’s almost impossible to tell what I love about Christmas most…

OH WAIT NO I TOTALLY KNOW IT’S THE MUSIC. I love Christmas music and I am not ashamed.

Christmas melodies are so moving, and I mean that literally… Christmas songs have notes that move all over the place. Think of how many notes are in “Frosty the Snowman” and how far apart they are from one another. No, really, sing it in your head right now. Frooooss – tyyy – the – Snow – Mannnn! What a range! I’ve learned a lot as a songwriter from listening to Christmas songs, and their melodic sense of reckless abandon has also buoyed my personal motto ⁠— “always leave them wanting less.”

And Christmas songs are not just melodically moving, of course. The messages at their core grip my progressive feminist anti-capitalist witch heart and soften me in spite of myself every time. I mean, that Little Drummer Boy had nothing. Literally, he was a child laborer doing overtime on a holiday. With no gift to offer, he played his heart out for that Christ Child. Who even has the audacity to play drums for a baby at night? TLDB did, shamelessly. He played his best for him, and it makes me weep, reminding me that there is always joy to be shared, even when it seems I have nothing.

Now that I have exposed my true feelings about the pleasures of this admittedly rote and, in many ways corrupt time of year, it is easy to imagine how thrilled I was when my friend Stan Satlin asked me to collaborate with him on a Christmas song he’d been storing in his demo vault. When my longtime creative partners Uncle Monsterface and I heard it, we couldn’t get it out of our heads. It felt like it had always existed in the lexicon of beloved Christmas classics. It was such fun to sing and produce “Never Stop Believing in Santa Claus” in the studio alongside my wonderful friends, and I’m truly grateful to have helped shepherd this true treasure into the world. The melody and the message of this song deeply move me, and it brings me such sweet joy to share it with you.

So when it comes to enjoying some creature comforts this Christmastime, be as shameless about loving Christmas music as Christmas music is about being music. For those who aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a full-on 24 hour Christmas soundtrack, I offer you this introductory playlist of my Christmas favorites to ease your way into the season of pure sensual shameless pleasure. May it allow you to soften and be moved, or at least have a little fun in spite of yourself.

Check out “Never Stop Believing in Santa Claus” by Jocelyn Mackenzie, Stan Satlin, and Uncle Monsterface below: