Lily Kershaw Shines a Light through the Darkness on New EP ‘Lost Angeles’

For singer-songwriter Lily Kershaw, the creative process is one of inner discovery.

On her latest release, titled Lost Angeles, she paints a portrait of struggle, wandering through the fog of mental turmoil before finding her bearings and sense of direction. The initial tracks engulf the listener in a convincing gloom of confusion. There appears no way out, other than the drug-induced escape Kershaw references on the song “Party Meds.” Yet as the artist’s flowing voice illuminates her surroundings, we feel hope returning. While the tone remains sorrowful, the path forward becomes clear. According to Kershaw, making music is how she makes sense of herself:

“I wrote and recorded Lost Angeles simultaneously, with my producer Danny Burke, at the beginning of 2017. It was not long after a certain someone had been sworn into office, and I found the political climate and state of the world only compounded my own 20-something’s sense of feeling lost and confused in relation to myself, others, and the world. This collection of songs was the beginning of me unraveling and reflecting on what it was that I felt at this time about the current state of my own life. I muse on love and loss most days, and Lost Angeles is no exception. Through all the world’s chaos and my own personal love and loss, it is in the work where I am found.”

Echoing background vocals highlight the artist’s exploration of turbulent feelings. Instrumentals are alternately grand and intimate, heightening the emotional trajectory of each song. Kershaw’s clear and powerful voice sweeps the record to its final resolution, cutting through the haze with majesty and poise. As the last track fades away, we realize how lucky we are to have shared in this moment of catharsis.

Listen to Lost Angeles below, and stay on the lookout for more from Lily Kershaw!

photo by: Diana Mantis