Lewis Del Mar make triumphant return with moving singles “The Ceiling” and “Border (CH. III)”
lewis del mar

New York City comrades Danny Miller and Max Harwood, best known as Lewis Del Mar, have returned after four years with new sights and sounds. The duo dropped two singles and a video on Wednesday recharged and ready to support their sophomore album, AUGUST, due out this summer via FADER label.

Lewis Del Mar is known for percussion-heavy and Latin influenced beats and for providing comfort through coastal melodies. The overnight success of the track “Loud(y)” in the summer of 2015 propelled the group into a year of constant touring and eventually, burnout. Their creativity became static as the two burdened numerous hardships and struggled to keep the band’s spirit alive. “The Ceiling” and “Border (CH. III)” symbolize both a rebirth and a reflection of personal encounters that provide inimitable transparency about growth and deliberation.

“The Ceiling” divulges stories from years where the two admittedly did not have things figured out but learned from the adversity. A ruffled punk sound carries the track from start to finish, with moments of isolated guitar that bring intensity and rigor. The track is recognizable through its abstractness and experiential layers, which both make it a compelling track to return with.

“Border (CH. III)” provides a slower contrast with heavy and dense themes and is the first Lewis Del Mar song missing massive percussive rhythms. Miller narrates a heartbreaking tale of his father’s hardships and eventual death, which is met with a calming glow that places love at the forefront.

The group’s diverting evolution and extensive chronology of personal events create a unique chronicle of both the heart and the mind. These experiences provide this project with dynamic energy that will undoubtedly be paralleled by listeners in their homes amidst the pandemic this year.

While taking control of their lives individually, Miller and Harwood found stability in their creativity as a pair. However grim the past, meaning can be found at the lowest times and be transformed into emblems of hope. An inseparable bond is a glue that holds Lewis Del Mar and AUGUST together.

You can now listen to “The Ceiling” and “Border (CH. III)” now. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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