Let Your Mad Woman Out: An Interview with Wolfman

Wolfman are a Zürich based duo consisting of  Katerina Stoykova (vocals) and Angelo Repetto (production).

It’s safe to say that over the years they’ve managed to forge a singular sound, one that seamlessly fuses elements of a modern indie electro pop and polished, intelligent, club-ready electronica. Regardless of what you call what it is that they actually do, it’s undeniable that they’ve somehow mastered the art of writing very hooky and relevant songs. Their latest single is called “Heat” and it’s possibly their most radio-friendly cut to date and one of those “you can’t stop listening to it sorta jams.” The song is actually a prelude to their forthcoming record entitled Mad Woman, which will be dropping in October on Irascible Music. To find out more about this dynamic duo I interviewed one-half of the project, the charming vocalist Katerina Stoykova.

Katerina, first of all, thank you for agreeing to do this interview, I’m honoured. To set things off, tell me: what does it take to get you to go out for some drunk karaoke?
Hi! And thanks !  Probably a lot of the stuff it takes to get me drunk. I haven’t done it in a while though, actually it’s been ten years, karaoke I mean. but I play shows, that’s kind of the same.

Do you have a funny story for us?
I probably do, but the karaoke I’ve done was being part of a group yelling into a single mic about how the wind of change will let your balalaika sing. And that’s the classic karaoke story, I guess. I don’t know if it’s funny, but I’m sure I had fun.

Who’s idea was it to make this mock-karaoke video for “Heat”? I love it!
We do too, thanks! It was Hans-Jakob Mühlethaler, who directed it. He also worked with us on our last two albums and made most of our videos.

Could you imagine any of your songs ever becoming karaoke standards? Maybe a tune from the forthcoming album?
Yeah, I imagine hearing a stadium version of our song “Mad Woman” with football fan lyrics and liking it. Good stuff. We’d probably cover that cover.

The upcoming record – which is your third, if I’m not mistaken – is called “Mad Woman”. I’m curious about what’s behind the title and if it has anything to do with the new wave of feminism?  I mean, the core ideas were here for years, but in the last years, they were formatted and adopted to the needs of pop culture and music. Nothing is perfect, but it’s great to have these ideas finally infiltrate the mainstream.
Yes, and that’s a great thing that it’s finally cool to be a feminist, so even guys can now wear a “Mad Woman “ shirt and be their mad woman self without being asked if they dressed up for fun. Being a woman, mad or sane, is not a costume. It’s who’s behind it. It’s not always easy to not lose it sometimes, madness helps. in a good way.

What about the music industry in Switzerland, would you say that women get fair representation?
It has definitely become a topic, with festivals for example, where the line-up has always been dominated by male acts. And there are a great deal of really good female musicians in Switzerland who struggle with being stereotyped. I’d like to see people not being surprised anymore that a woman is playing an instrument other than her vocals.

Back to your music, where are you guys musically these days, as a band? What can we expect from the new record? We spent some very long hours recording in the last few weeks before finishing the album and somehow the timing felt right, the mood as well. I really love this album. It feels like we zoned out for some time and came out of the bunker not really knowing what we’d done. Every song happened very fast and we kind of naturally agreed to the yesses and no’s as to what sounded right and what didn’t. There are one or two ballads I guess, and I honestly don’t know what to call the other tracks. you tell me when you hear it.

For those of us who don’t have direct access to what’s going on in the Swiss underground, can you tell us about a few acts that we should be looking out for?
I’m sure that there are others who could give better info than me. There are so many good acts though. You should listen to an Egopusher concert, to Puts Marie, or Evelinn Trouble, Len Sander, Kalabrese, Lapcat.. These are some of my favourites.

We’d love to see you live, any chance you’ll be coming to the States anytime soon?
We’d love to. hook us up!

photo by: Simon Habegger; marketa/Flickr