The “Legacy” of the 80s Lives on with Spirits of Leo
song premiere

Five-piece post-punk band, Spirits of Leo, is no stranger to the contemporary music scene. The group has been releasing tracks for the past six years via Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

The band is also no stranger to older eras, building off of the dreamy pop-rock hybrid that bands like The Cure, The Police and Joy Division mastered in the 80s. Their balance of major and minor paired with lush harmonies harkens back to a past decade, pulling the listener into a nostalgic haze.

Their latest single, “Legacy,” uses a layered soundscape to tell its story with Ryan Santos Phillip’s vocals fading smoothly into the background noise. The song is mysterious — maybe even gloomy — but manages to never trail off into despondent territory. The track is off of upcoming LP, Equinox, set to be released via Lux Perpetua on March 23. Ryan self-produced the album over the course of four years, and two coasts with the band forming in Santa Rosa California, and now based in Brooklyn.

If “Legacy,” is any indicator, the band has found a way to perfectly toe the line between hopeful and heartbroken on their upcoming LP. Check out, “Legacy,” now:

photo by: Joyce Lanxin Zhao; background: Marketa/Flickr