Lauren Lakis Explores the Battle to be Present in “Right Now”

Dark and melancholy, Lauren Lakis has released her latest single entitled “Right Now”.  The track highlights mystical psych rock soundscapes and gritty bass. With a stunningly raw haunting tone, her vocals pair perfectly with her intense dreamy sound. The song deals with the struggle of existing. It focuses on heaviness of the present moment and the constant energy it takes to be in the “here and the now.”

“Right Now” is off her highly anticipated EP Sad Girl Breakfast. Thematically the EP narrates the acceptance that comes with realizing the cyclical nature of existence.

“Time passes, life changes, relationships come and go, and it just keeps happening in this perpetual dance until we die,” Lakis explains. “It might seem like a bleak outlook, but for me it’s liberating because nothing that happens to us needs to carry so much weight” .

Baltimore born, Los Angeles based artist Lauren Lakis is known for her signature sound of lo-fi garage rock. Inspired by life’s many challenges, Lakis purposely immersed herself into things that were outside her comfort zone. Discovering what it’s like to lead the lives of many different types of people, she spent nights writing poetry with junkies in abandoned warehouses. She also taught English in Prague and Tokyo, and was both a stripper and yoga teacher in Baltimore, and helped as a mentor for kids with Autism. This brought her a whole new understanding and compassion for others, which ultimately translated into her songwriting. Detailing some of life’s deepest and dark moments, she generates authentic and honest lyricism that sinks deep into your soul.