Late Nights In Charleston include a Stop at Mash & more

Although known for their southern hospitality, the city does have a history of going a bit wild when the sun goes down. Craft cocktails and beer halls aplenty, there are also plenty of house parties and backyard hangs year round. The Holy City also nicely balances fancy, upscale cocktail bars with neighborhood dives filled to the brim with locals.

Garret Garnos (owner of Eclectic Cafe & Vinyl) recommends The Belmont
“The Belmont is probably my favorite. It’s one of those classic cocktail lounges where the staff wear white dress shirts with skinny black ties, as though they just stepped off the Reservoir Dogs set. They really know their craft. Old movies project onto the walls. There are so many good cocktails there that I don’t really have a favorite — variety is the spice of life.”

Christa Polinsky recommends Mercantile & Mash
FACT: Mash, The 1,700 sq ft bar includes an indoor bocce court and 1980’s arcade games.

Grace Joyner recommends Local 616
“Drink of choice: The Gin Downey.” 

She Returns From War recommends the Recovery Room
“Drink of Choice: The LIT. I kid you not if I went missing my entire familial/social construct would come looking to find me here first. I spend at least 250 (give or take a few) days at this bar every calendar year. The Long Island will put you straight on your ass but we are also known for being the number one seller of canned PBR in the Nation. There’s a plaque on the wall don’t worry.”

Run Dan Run recommends Little Jack’s Tavern
“Drink of choice: Brown Derby.”

photo by: courtesy of Mercantile and Mash; Gigie Hall