L.A.’s The Herbert Bail Orchestra Release New Single “Radio Tower”
song premiere

A Blending of French accordion with the sound of Americana makes The Herbert Bail Orchestra‘s New Single”Radio Tower.”

Led by vocalist Anthony Frattolillo, L.A. based The Herbert Bail Orchestra’s “Radio Tower” is more indie-folk with a side of grit than straight up rock. Guided by lively accordion and Americana-colored guitar sounds, Frattolillo speak-sings the lyrics in this rhythmic trip. It continues an old-school orchestral sound, drawing from places like western Europe and rural America, while simultaneously echoing the current vibe of bands like Mumford and Sons and Beirut. Five years after their 2013 debut album The Future’s In The Past, The Herbert Bail Orchestra is set to release sophomore LP History’s Made At Night. The second album, out on Sept. 28, is an 11-track collection which will prove a “departure from the group’s ‘gypsy-folk’ roots.” Frattolillo says:

“I took five years to make this album—I’ve seen bands rise to great success and fall in the time I’ve been working on it. At some point, I wasn’t concerned with the idea that I should have released a follow-up four years ago, right after we had all of that momentum with the first album. I thought it was more important to get it right—that in the long run, in a hundred years when I’m dead and gone and somebody listens to this, they’re going to hear it and say, ‘Damn, this is good. It’s thoughtful, intentional—it’s timeless.”

Listen to “Radio Tower” below.

photo by: marketa/Flickr