Kuinka release Hitchcock-inspired “Taking Love”
video premiere

Indie folk band Kuinka goes pop in new single “Taking Love.”

The band, whose sound has been described by NPR as “joyous folk pop,” just released the new single “Taking Love.” Based in Seattle, Kuinka is made up of Miranda Zickler, Jillian Walker, and brothers Zach and Nathan Hamer.

The name Kuinka, which Zickler says is “pronounced kind of like coinkydink,” is from the Finnish word for “how.” In an interview with Nectar Lounge, Zickler said the name came to her after a trip to Finland with a friend. “She and I went to Finland together and I learned a little Finnish. We had a lot of fun playing around with Finnish iterations and it was one of the words that we used as sort of a throwaway. Like, ‘uh…well…kuinka!  What are we gonna do, how are we gonna figure out this situation?’ Which actually fit quite well.”

Unlike the track list on their 2017 EP Stay Up Late, “Taking Love” takes a turn from their classic indie sound. Though the band has managed to maintain the modern folk and Americana vibe, “Taking Love” moves further toward retro electro, adopting a more percussive sound than ever used before by the band. The result is a ridiculously good modern synth-pop with incredibly satisfying vocal harmonies — the kind of song you just can’t stop repeating.

On the making of the video, co director and band member Zach Hamer recalls, “We only had a day and a half in between two tours to shoot the video, so it was a fun challenge to do a story within a story about a topic we’re passionate about and that’s so forefront in the public’s mind,” while his brother Nathan and other co director notes, I edited the bulk of the project in the tour van on bumpy back-country roads between Montana and Colorado. I always find it intriguing to work with blending practical and special effects in post. No birds were harmed in the making of this music video.”

Watch the spooky Hitchcock’s “The Birds”-inspired music video for “Taking Love” below!

photo by: Jeremiah Andrick; Martin Péchy