Jessie Munro Defies Genre on Soulful EP ‘On My Own’
ep premiere

Rising above the clean and impeccable production on new EP On My Own, is Jessie Munro’s voice.

The most important instrument of them all, it would seem a given that most artists today would give it proper weight in the arrangement. Too often they don’t, but Munro avoids this kind of shortsightedness completely. Her voice contains multitudes. In some instances it takes on a round deep quality, with many of the song’s verses hovering in the lower registers. But for choruses like on “Under Fire” and “Enough of Me,” she stretches higher, providing listeners with a full and dynamic emotional range. Soulful and quite hypnotic, the music can’t totally be classified as either soft R&B nor indie pop. With harder guitar-driven tunes like “I’d Like To” and softer jazz ballads like EP closer “Patiently I Wait,” Munro escapes genre all together. Lyrically, it’s a powerful collection of stories that touch on the many waves of heartbreak and periods of reflection. She says,

On My Own is a snapshot of a period of time in my life. This project has not only helped me find my voice but helped me move though something tough. I hope that in some way it can do the same for someone else. I always wondered what my first release would sound like, here it is, I couldn’t be happier to be sharing it.”

Listen to EP On My Own in its entirety below.

photo by: courtesy of the artist