INTERVIEW: Wallows talk animated music video for track “Wish Me Luck”

With the release of sophomore EP Remote behind them, Wallows’ Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston chatted with COLLiDE about their project and the latest music video release for “Wish Me Luck.”

The music video comes as the third and final installment of their adventure explored in music videos for “OK” and “Nobody Gets Me (Like You),” though this time animated rather than in-real-life. This comes after an exciting summer and fall for the band, which saw Wallows climbing the alternative radio charts with “Are You Bored Yet? (ft. Clairo),” and partnering with multiple organizations pushing for higher youth voter registration and turnout.


How did you navigate getting the Remote EP finished in this ever-changing time of quarantines and social distancing?

We spent a ton of time on FaceTime/on the phone with each other discussing the songs. Luckily, with modern tech its really easy to record ideas and bounce them around to each other. Dylan and Braeden don’t have microphone set ups, so almost all of the vocals on the EP are just recorded into their iPhone voice memos and then sent to Cole to comp.

What did your quarantine routine look like? Both for the band as well as individually.

It was pretty much wake up, coffee, talk to the guys about the songs, and then do it all over again.

How does it feel to be releasing a project that comes after your first album? Is there more pressure? Less?

Well, we’re always trying to out-do ourselves. So, there isn’t necessarily pressure from the public or anything, more so pressure we put on ourselves to grow and experiment.

How would you describe Wallows’ sound outside of genre labels?

Alternative? With the question mark.

Can we expect to see more music videos adding onto the story started in “OK” and “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)”? The lyric video for “Virtual Aerobics” was also hilarious!

We actually just released the “Wish Me Luck” video on Wednesday, Oct. 28. It’s an animated continuation of the trilogy. “Wish Me Luck” is absolutely the end of this trilogy, and our videos going forward are going to be different hah.

If your listeners could walk away from Remote with one thing or feeling, what would that be?

We want to throw people off from whatever they may have thought Wallows was. We’re always trying to do new/different things and we want people to be okay with that. Our old music will always be there, so we feel really inspired by doing new things.




Photo by: Nikoli Partyeli