INTERVIEW: VÉRITÉ navigates her personal sensibility with precision and candid emotion in ‘younger women’

With her Irresistible hooks and coveted chic aesthetic, VÉRITÉ, the moniker of Kelsey Byrne, is best described as a badass woman who is always looking to reimagine her sound. Today she shares “younger women” — the first single from her forthcoming EP New Limbs: Volume 1 due out on Oct. 9.

Not long after COVID-19 swept the globe, VÉRITÉ made the compulsory decision to cancel her sold-out, headline tour across North America. While quarantining alone, her apartment immediately transformed into a sacred place for VÉRITÉ and her art.

“I love my apartment — it’ll be about midnight or 1:00 a.m. and I’ll have too much energy. I just kind of like rage, dance, stroke, and cry while listening to younger women.”

Aside from performing her music for herself in her small-scale NYC apartment, VÉRITÉ admits she has really only listened to her running playlist since March and strictly pulls influence from her own psyche.

The introductory chords of “younger women” are unexpected yet evocative. They mirror the unbridled uncertainly within us all and complement the bitter tone VÉRITÉ adopts as sonic elements slowly build. A resonant balance of both upbeat and somber melodies creates a highly addictive rhythm below ethereal vocals.

“I think that ‘younger women’ is a very specific feeling distilled down to four minutes…it’s something that you want to rage and cry at the same time. So that’s where I envision it.”

VÉRITÉ does not sing about a sugar-coated version of love; she leans into her anger and tells the truth about love and its destructive tendencies.

“I think that there’s a balance to be had where like, as women, we can be kind and compassionate and aware of our surroundings, but also be kind of fearless and bold and say ‘fuck it.’”

As she navigates her personal space with precision and vigor, VÉRITÉ will continue to swoon audiences with her unique and spellbinding sound.

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