INTERVIEW: San Cisco return to the start with LP “Between You and Me”

Indie-pop is a genre with expansiveness and longevity that crystalizes in the form of summer parties and sad drives.

Australia-based San Cisco know this all too well; among 10 years of acclaimed success and world tours, the band takes a dive into the complexity of the landscape in their new fourth LP, Between You and Me. From living rooms to makeshift studios, San Cisco return to their roots and tap into the sentiment of solace and self-realization. COLLiDE got a chance to interview San Cisco and talk about their community, their new album, their sense of creativity, and why the nostalgia and vibrancy on Between You and Me touches on something deeper than themselves.

You all come from Australia, a place in the music scene that really has built its own enclave. What do you wish people knew more about the Australian music community?

There are a few great touring festivals that often bring Australian bands together and create friendships, so you could say it is actually quite a close-knit community for a country that is so large. Everyone kind of knows each other and is excited by each other’s work and success.

Your new album, which is also your fourth, Between You and Me came out on Friday, September 4th. How was this album process different from previous albums you’ve worked on?

With this album many of the songs we wrote in our lounge rooms on acoustic guitars or pianos as opposed to piecing them together in a computer which is how a lot of the songs were written on our previous albums. We focused more on the arrangements, chords and melodies for the songs in their rawest form before we thought about the instrumentation or how they’d actually sound and be produced.

Has the pandemic affected the way you think about releasing an album/how you reach out to fans?

Yeah, for sure. It has forced artists to get more creative with their online content as obviously touring is off the cards. Playing shows has always been a huge part of how we gauge which songs connect with our fans so it has been hard to tell how the singles from this album have been received apart from Spotify statistics.

Between You and Me contains a sincerity that feels new to San Cisco. Where does the inspiration for earnestness come from?

Jordi has always written from real life experiences, whether it has been things that have happened to him personally or his observations of other people’s lives. The lyrics in Between You and Me are no exception to this. We often think the more honest and vulnerable with your art the more accessible it is.

Has it been hard to stay creative in the past couple months, or do you feel more motivated than ever?

I think we have had to become extra creative in the past couple of months. Having to deal with new challenges presented by the pandemic such as getting creative with how we are going to release our music and connect with our fans without being able to tour. It has also given us a lot more time to tinker away in the studio and come up with some exciting elements we can add to our live show for when we can eventually tour again.

What is one thing you hope listeners take away from Between You and Me?

We hope that it can be an album that can provide some level of comfort or support during times of hardship and also hopefully define an era of their lives so that they can look back on memories and it be a soundtrack for those memories.


Stream San Cisco’s new LP Between You and Me starting Sept. 4, 2020.




Photo by: Toni Wilkinson