Blending yacht rock with 80s synths and dance floor euphoria, Roosevelt’s latest album Polydans has arrived! COLLiDE chatted with him to talk productivity during lockdown, dream collaborations, and what’s next for him.


First and foremost, we made it out of 2020 and despite the tumultuous nature of the year, you were able to put out some amazing music! How do you feel that the lockdown influenced you and the trajectory of your career in 2021?

It feels like people need new music and also art in general even more in this time right now. When the first lockdown came around I thought about postponing the releases, but it definitely felt like the right decision to put these tracks out. I got a lot of lovely messages that the music helped them to get through it and that meant a lot to me.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your track “Strangers” and the laborious process behind the song’s creation? 

The track actually started as a demo to collaborate with another singer. However, I quickly realized that the track feels so much like a Roosevelt original track, that I knew I had to use it for my album. The idea was to create a soft, french-house inspired vibe. I really like dance tracks that feel like 70s ballads – artists like Sébastian Tellier or Air have been a big influence on this.

How do you feel that your music has changed over the course of the past few years, since the release of your self titled album? How does Polydans compare to past projects?

Polydans feels in many ways like a reconnection to my first tracks – even the ones before my debut album. My last album Young Romance was definitely an experiment to see how much I can go into an Indie Pop direction… Which was a great experience, but I really missed the dance floor! That’s why the new record to me brings back the club influence, that was so important when I started the project in the first place.

If you could choose to collaborate with one artist, who would it be and why? 

I would love to work on a Dua Lipa track – I think she’s the new queen of disco and I really loved the production of the new album.

What is your favorite track from Polydans? What sets this track apart for you?

That’s always such a hard question to answer, but I know that in the live shows it will probably be Echoes. It’s the track on the record that was almost made for playing live, I really imagined the band and the most energetic live moments when I produced it.

With COVID 19’s impact on live music and touring, how have you managed to continue to feel connected to your listeners? Do you have plans to tour in 2021? 

By putting out a lot of singles before the album release. It didn’t feel like the time to just put out an album, as I wasn’t able to go on tour with it. “Strangers” is already the 4th single and there’s even one more to come before the actual album release… Which is definitely more than I did in the past. But that way I felt like there’s an ongoing conversation going on with my fans. And yeah, we have a lot of tour dates in the autumn and winter coming up!

Thanks so much for chatting with us! Is there anything else you want to tell our readers about? 

My pleasure! I would really love to see you all on tour, I think as serious as this virus is, it will be an incredible time when concerts are going to happen again. I’m already planning the show with my team to make it a special moment.


Check out Polydans here!






photo by: Joseph Strauch