INTERVIEW: Plan your escape with The Mowgli’s
The Mowglis

The Mowgli’s journey to success has been a long road. From surviving ever-rotating members to playing anywhere from local warehouse parties to some of today’s largest festivals, it hasn’t always been a smooth ride. With over a decade of experience creating music together, they have steadily built a loyal following with their up-tempo, optimistic anthems, garnering over 200 million streams to date. The band have performed on sold-out tours across the globe, playing their fan-favorite hits such as “San Francisco” and “I’m Good“, both of which are staples for the perfect indie-pop playlist.

Their latest single is an energetic ode to working people who long for an escape. Entitled “Vacation” the Beach Boys-esque track showcases their love for California and the chill west coast lifestyle. Listeners are attracted to calming vibes radiating off the song and the relatable message of taking a breather from the stresses of daily life. Culture Collide spoke with The Mowgli’s discussing their ideal vacation, staying positive in tough times and more.

CC: What was the inspiration behind your chilled out track “Vacation“?

TM: We’re always inspired by the California sunshine, & you can hear that oozing from the track. I was looking back at my days in Okc, working multiple jobs and trying to keep my band together. It was a grind, & this song is a shout out to all of the hard working people out there who just need a break. Fast forward to now, we’re relating the song to needing a vacation from your sofa.

CC: How do you escape stress in your daily life and what does an ideal vacation look like for you?

TM: We try to maintain a healthy diet & we exercise as much as we can. We practice forgiving ourselves and listening to ourselves and being gentle on ourselves thru this time in quarantine. We have a lot to be grateful for.

CC: You have achieved massive successes, including garnering 200+ million streams and headlining sold out tours. What would you attribute your achievement to and what advice would you give others looking to make it in the industry?

TM: This band worked very hard to achieve what we have. We’ve had a great team working even harder at our side the whole way. We always say, if you’re an aspiring artist, put yourself out there as much as you can. Develop a team of people you can trust, and work every day until you don’t have to work every day anymore.

CC: The Mowgli’s have been together for over a decade. How would you say your sound has changed over the years?

TM: Our sound has evolved as much as the individuals in the band have. We have always said that we are not tied down by any specific sound, so we feel freedom to make whatever comes from our hearts. We’ve worked with a lot of different producers and writers throughout our career who have inspired us and helped us shape the sounds you hear on our records.

CC: A common theme is uplifting and positive messages in your music.  How do you keep optimist, even in trying times?

TM: We try to channel positivity into our music for our fans and ourselves. We’ve created this space to just feel good and smile and dance like no one is around. In trying times we need positive music and art even more than ever.

CC: During this time of isolation and quarantine, how are you all keeping connected to your fan base?

TM: We have a number our fans can text 1-818-452-2490! We’re connecting more than ever before thru the texting and live-streaming platforms. We started a Twitch page. We’ve done a handful of Instagram Live streams, We’ve also been plying animal crossing with our community. We have a little extra time, so we’re learning new ways to connect.

CC: What’s next for The Mowgli’s?

TM: We’re keeping an open mind and just taking it day by day right now. We will continue to make music and share it with the world, even if we have to make it quarantine style.

The Mowgli’s new single “Vacation” is available to stream now. Check it out down below and let us know what you think!