INTERVIEW: Nick Vyner’s Label Debut “Mood Swing” Melds Pop Elements and Old Influences

Recently signed to 10k Projects’ new venture with Flighthouse Media, Solo Brightest, Nick Vyner released catchy single “Mood Swing” on December 18. With the help of an incredibly talented team including prolific drummer Stanley Rudolph and audio engineer Alex Tumay, Vyner was able to create a cinematic piece about the woes of relationships lost. COLLiDE had the pleasure of chatting with Nick about “Mood Swing,” his eclectic musical background, and plans for the future.


How do you feel that growing up listening to classical music influenced your own music/songwriting? Does that passion for classical carry over today in what you listen to?

I think it probably reflects itself in ways I don’t necessarily see for myself, but there’s no doubt that classical music has made its imprint on my life. It gave me the foundation I needed to now be able to create off instinct. I honestly probably enjoy listening to classical music more these days than I did while I was studying. Distance makes the heart grow fonder or whatever.

Is there one specific artist that you can think of above others who really made you fall in love with pop songwriting? Do you remember the first time you discovered that artist’s music?

It was Lorde’s songwriting that drew me in when I finally started working on my own music. Falling in love with 2010s pop means tumbling down a Jack Antonoff rabbit hole and I felt like I was discovering all the music he produced at a perfect time in my life.

Looking back on your decision to cancel your plans of going to college, how did you know it was the right decision for you, and what would you say to other aspiring musicians who are considering the same path?

There’s some combination of planning, privilege, & gut instinct that made me feel like I needed to forgo college and I’m really lucky that I was in a position to do that. I felt drawn to LA and had friends moving here at the same time so it was not hard to convince myself that this was the route to take, but there’s no perfect path. You can make interesting stuff in a dorm room, or a bedroom, or a studio. College is great for some people, not for others. ALSO fucking cancel student debt and stop charging my friends $60,000 dollars for their art degrees.

How has COVID affected your recent projects? Do you feel that it’s caused you to be more or less productive in your day-to-day life? Has it spurred creativity or blocked it?

There’s been such an intense ebb & flow to this period of time for me. I have had my most productive months followed by some of my least productive ever, it’s all a process and I haven’t totally figured it out. I will say that the creative highs during this time have more than made up for the lows and I’m excited about a lot the stuff I’ve been working on this year.

Can you tell us a little bit about your new track, “Mood Swing?” What’s the inspiration behind the track?

Mood Swing is about the end of relationships and friendships. Lyrically, it’s me reckoning with the implications of two close people starting to drift apart and how that affects the people around them. All of my music is about stuff that’s kind of a bummer so I feel the need to state for the record, I’m doing okay.

How did you first come across the 1960s sample of “I Can’t Wait To See My Baby” that’s used in the “Mood Swing?” How do you feel that it contributed to the track?

Stanley Randolph and I were at his studio listening through old records and when we got to that song, we both looked up at each other and it was one of those moments where you could just feel the energy shift in the room. “I Can’t Wait Until I See My Baby” is such an incredible song on its own, we just had to not mess it up and I hope that we didn’t.

What are your plans for 2021 (in terms of your music?)

I’m gonna put more music out and hopefully keep you guessing as to where I’m heading next.

Is there anything else you want to talk about or anything you want our readers to know about you?

I just want to remind anyone who’s reading this to support your local businesses right now, especially around the holidays. Try not to shop at big retailers if you can help it and if you’re lucky enough to have disposable income for things like eating out, find family-owned restaurants in your area. Winter is gonna be tough with a completely inept government and we’re gonna have to look out for each other!

Check out the music video for “Mood Swing” produced by Ourros’s Ava Doorley, an incredibly talented creative mind with a knack for portraying emotion through a unique lens.