INTERVIEW: Elizabeth discusses riveting cover of Fleetwood Mac staple and other album favorites

Melbourne-based emotive, indie pop artist Elizabeth is fearless in portraying true vulnerability.

This conviction and steadfast passion is illustrated that much more poignantly in her new stripped back stunning release The Wonderful World of Nature deluxe album.

Each track within her breathtaking offering is delicately crafted with so much nuanced texture. Her beautifully structured rendition of  “Go Your Own Way” is a definite album gem, exuding a crisp captivation. To take on a very celebrated song cemented in so many head’s is not an easy feat. She does it though with so much grace, providing her own awe-striking spin.

Her other album standout “Death Toll” captures the heart-wrenching pain of a relationship’s end with so much poise and exquisiteness that the listener can’t help but be drawn to this touching track. It’s these and all of the many moving track’s on the release that make The Wonderful World of Nature deluxe album shimmer with so much fervid depth.

Coined a “glamorous tragic, queer pop anti-heroine,” that lustrous label is no exaggeration.  The animated Aussie certainly embodies all those characteristics not only in her music, but also in her being.

Dealing with many of life’s adversities such as a difficult divorce, she has come out of it so much stronger than before. Showing she is a true fighter, she uses her songs as a shield to protect her from all the hurt she’s experienced.

Culture Collide had the pleasure of interviewing this tremendous talent, talking about her new album, musical influences and more.


Your stunning cover of “Go Your Own Way” is just you delicately playing the keys and singing with so much raw emotion. What inspired you to cover this iconic song?

I have always loved Fleetwood Mac, I love them for the intensity of the interpersonal relationships that were happening behind the music. How terrible everyone was to each other and how fiercely they loved each other even when they hated each other. I really identify with those kinds of relationships.

I have been playing this song alone in my bedroom for years, I really connect with the message of the lyrics, which I take to be “I love you so much but it’s never going to be enough to make it work.”

The cover is off the special deluxe version of your highly acclaimed 2019 debut album The Wonderful World of Nature which features all the original songs from that album as well as six new poignant piano tracks. What was it like recording during lockdown and what was the process when crafting those striking releases?

It was definitely a new experience for me. I am not used to working totally alone so it was a challenge to my confidence sometimes, not having a producer or collaborator to bounce off. At the same time, these songs sound pretty much exactly how I hear all my songs when I start; just my voice and my piano, raw and not at all perfect.

I felt excited to share that because I think this experience of being in lockdown has been exactly that for so many people, really raw and intense. I feel happy to invite listeners into my bedroom, into my isolation palace, to pull back the curtain and show more vulnerability. It’s comforting for me to hear that from other artists, I hope it brings some comfort to someone.

Another magnetic offering on the album is “Death Toll”. What is the message behind this highly emotive stripped-down track?

I wrote this song at my parents’ creaky old hotel in the country on a very old and out of tune piano. I was completely heartbroken in that way when you realize that losing a relationship can also mean losing all the relationships connected to the life you had built with your love. It’s dramatic, it’s really a plea to be heard, it’s the story of my marriage and it’s fiery collapse. I’m so glad that people will get to hear this version because it sounds exactly like it did when I first wrote it. Except with less crying.

Many of your releases touch on the despair of lost love. What advice can you provide to others on getting through painful heartbreak?

Sleep lots. Drink cocktails. Sleep with hot people. Listen to sad songs. Wait for it to pass and for a new life to slowly bloom.

Your voice possesses a light, gentle quality while also having so much power. What music has influenced you along your journey?

 Stevie Nicks, Taylor Swift, Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, Julee Cruise, Lady Gaga.

On the topic of other musicians, if you could duet with any artist who would that be and why?

Dolly Parton… that would be cool, what an icon!

Lastly, where do you see yourself headed in the future?

Writing more and having one million adventures with my dog. Finding joy and calm in every day. Drinking champagne in the sun.

Check out Elizabeth’s cover of “Go Your Own Way” below:

Stream The Wonderful World of Nature (deluxe edition) now: