INTERVIEW: Cloe Wilder sings mellow cover of “Last Christmas”

Young, upcoming pop singer Cloe Wilder shares a mellow and well-crafted cover of the holiday season classic “Last Christmas” ahead of her 2021 EP plans.

COLLiDE caught up with Wilder ahead of the holiday season to discuss the holiday season and hints at her upcoming EP Teenage Lullabies, set to release in January 2021.


Why did you choose to cover “Last Christmas?” The WHAM song is such a classic, but I have to say I really enjoyed your more stripped down and mellow version!

Thank you! I covered Last Christmas in 2018. I thought it could be cool to bring it back and show off my progress. Plus, I love it.

What are some of your holiday plans and traditions?

The holidays, for me, are spending time with people I don’t see often. The only thing that’s different this year is that I’m spending more time with the people I live with. There are a few things we still get to do this year. We decorate my grandma’s tree a few weeks before Christmas, we go to the cemetery and hang up Christmas lights for my grandpa because he loved them, and we read the Christmas Alphabet book before bed on Christmas Eve. I don’t want to look back on it like, “I got COVID and spread it throughout my family so that I could celebrate one holiday.” I don’t mind that it’s different, because we’re safe.


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Who is the man playing the piano in the visual with you?

That’s Eric Scullin!! Insanely talented. He films almost all of my acoustic visuals with me, because we work so well together.

Do you have any EP updates you can share with Collide readers? I know it’s expected in Jan. 2021 and I’m wondering if there’s any more information you’re able to share about the project.

Teenage Lullabies is me romanticizing my teenage years through seven songs. I’ve never had a body of work to contribute to before, so I’m pretty attached to it. It’s the most involved I’ve ever been and the proudest I’ve ever been.

Watch Cloe Wilder perform “Last Christmas” below:

(Can we take a moment to appreciate how good her eyeliner looks, too?)