Interview: Australian Alt-Pop Singer Jack Gray on His Music and Upcoming Shows

20-year-old singer, songwriter and producer from North Queensland, Australia, Jack Gray blends organic instruments with electronic sounds in his alt-pop music, giving off Atmospheric ‘ear candy,’ big pop electric guitar riffs and epic choruses with dramatic production. Gray has been featured on tour in the UK and Europe with Dean Lewis. COLLiDE got a chance to ask him a few questions about his music. Check out his answers below!


1. Outside of your genre which genre(s) of music do you enjoy listening to? 

I find myself listening to a lot of alt/rock, hip-hop and indie/folk music! I think these genres have really helped shape my writing process for the better. Translating elements of these songs in a slightly more commercial vibe has been a great little tool for me in the studio! 

2. What is your favorite song that you have created and why? 

I have this song called ‘Fools’ that I wrote when I was living in Sydney. I was alone for the first time in a long time. From every lyric to every sound, it all added up to create this magic that is so hard to replicate. The tone of the song feels sincere and really natural for me and I think its the best representation of a Jack Gray song to date. 

3. What is the inspiration behind the new single My Hands? 

It’s basically about the power of lust and how it can keep a disfunctional relationship from ending when it probably should. I had a friend who was in an unhealthy relationship and he didn’t really know what was keeping him from leaving. After he opened up to me about it all, I had this overwhelming urge to write a song and conceptualised this idea of frequent sex outweighing all the bad stuff! 

4. Are there any upcoming shows or tours? 

Yes! There are loads of Australian dates coming up at the end of the year but haven’t been announced yet so unfortunately I can’t say too much!

5. How is Touring with Dean Lewis?

I think it’s been the perfect introduction to the ‘tour life.’ I hate to sound pretentious, but touring is a lot of work and it’s super full on… and I haven’t even seen the thick of it yet! Dean has been an amazing influence on the road! He is someone who focuses all of his time and energy into his music and basically just works his ass off! I think it’s been super important for me to see this so early on and to have this realisation cause it’s a tough industry. But aside from all that, travelling through these incredible cities and playing my music to the locals, I’ve made memories that will last a lifetime!

6. Outside of music how do you have fun? 

Literally all I do is make music haha. Well, I love hanging out with my family and friends whenever I can, but I will still be making beats or something like that at the same time! I’m usually that guy at a party who after an hour, pulls out his laptop and starts working on a track. Im just obsessed and really inspired at the moment. Oh, and I love riding dirt bikes/go karts and shit like that haha… I’m not good at it, but it’s a bit of fun! 

7. What advice would you have for a young upcoming artist? 

Put in more hours than you think you need to, don’t be boxed into one genre or one particular thing (you’re an artist, try everything) and make sure you enjoy each step of the journey! That’s pretty much the basics.

8. What is a fun fact for your fans that you are unlikely to find on the internet? 

I HATE seafood! Like more than anything! Even the smell can make me vomit. I really wish I didn’t though… I feel like I’m missing out on so much good shit but I actually can’t stomach it 🙁

9. If you had to describe your music’s vibe with three colors which would those colors be, and why?  

Red – overall I think my music is pretty emotional.. 

Black – believe me when I say I like to get dark with my topics haha.

Yellow – I have some fun, ’sunny festival vibe’ kinda tunes so yeah, I think yellow works.

10. What movie can you watch a million times and not get bored? 

Hmmm there’s definitely way too many to choose from but Imma go with ‘Dazed and Confused’! My best mate in high school introduced me to this movie and we’ve probably watched it like 1,000 times…