INTERVIEW: Atlanta punk band Lesibu Grand don’t hold back on America’s current state with “WFS”

The new single from Atlanta-based indie rock/punk band, short for “We F***ing Suck”, has been declared the “new American national anthem” by AFROPUNK and calls the United States out for a wide range of systemic faults and failed policies.

“We opted for ‘WFS’ because it matched the cheerleader’s outfit in our video, and also, to be perfectly honest, because Facebook, Instagram and YouTube would not let us boost any of our posts with the word ‘f***’ in it,” Lesibu Grand front-person Tyler-Simone Molton said.

“As an independent band, we felt we needed the ability to promote ourselves to get our message out. So, we did a version of the song where gun shots cover the word ‘f***’ so we can give it a push on social media. Kinda f***ed up that the non-sexual, non-personal use of the work ‘f***’ is flatly prohibited, but violence implied by gunshots is fine!”

Molton cites genre heavyweights such as Green Day, L7 and Bikini Kill as influences on the track. That punk and riot grrrl inspiration is seen from the track’s intro, a flurry of guitar and drums, with Molton’s vocals coming in after about 10 seconds.

“We pull from lots of sources. Sometimes we feel new wave/punk vibes from bands like The Clash and Blondie, and sometimes we go for a heavier vibe like Nirvana, Bikini Kill and L7. We also have some dancier songs that are in the spirit of Donna Summer or Santigold, but we haven’t put those out yet. They are coming!” Molton said.

“WFS” calls out the names of different issues the U.S. is handling poorly—topics such as gun control, lack of affordable housing, healthcare, voting rights, etc.—before launching into a few lines per topic discussing the way it’s been poorly managed.

On the origins of the song, Molton said “We were not blind to what was going on in our country and about a year ago we both [the band members] felt like we needed to use our voice to express these concerns. We started writing ‘WFS’ about gun control,  but the other issues just popped up, and so we eventually decided to address a bunch of them in one song.”

The overall conclusion: the U.S. f***ing sucks because we aren’t even trying to improve. Lesibu Grand’s track validates the frustration many have felt as a result of our country’s lack of structural and timely change.

“I believe that as an artist who is asking people to listen to my expressions, I must lead by example and make it clear that intolerant behavior is not acceptable,” Molton said.


Check out the video for “WFS” below:





Photos by: Luke Usry