Interpol at House of Vans: New York Cares

Interpol celebrated the release of Marauder at the House of Vans final show in Brooklyn.

We’ve been packing it in to the House of Vans warehouse on Franklin Street since 2010. On the night of the release of Marauder, Interpol‘s Paul Banks, Sam Fogarino, and Daniel Kessler performed at the Brooklyn venue. To end the venue’s eight year run with the seminal NYC band was nothing short of awesome.

Interpol’s album release show was the perfect sound track for the bittersweet evening. Tracks from Turn on the Bright Lights cued nostalgia (“NYC” gets us every time), while new tracks like “Rover” brought a fun, dance-y energy to the evening. When the band played the first chords to “Evil” our bodies became possessed by the urge to jump up and down to the beat. Call it muscle memory or just call it a really great song. The band themselves appeared relaxed and were having fun on stage.

For the final night at House of Vans, even the weather cooperated with cooler temps. Indoors, there was a cool photoshoot setup where guests could recreate the album cover and take a seat behind a reporter’s desk. Old school black and white prints came hot off the printer. The nostalgia worked: we left with a copy of Marauder from the merch table and high hopes for whatever comes next.

Check out the highlights.

photo by: Shaun Regan