Hussey Shares His Beer and Song Pairing Picks
All Get Out

Hussey, most known for fronting alt-rock band All Get Out, recently released his second solo project, Hitchens.

The album features songs filled with personal revelations and otherworldly soundscapes, revealing a more stripped down side of the artist. Hussey breaks down each of the ten tracks with this beer and song pairing guide.  Check it out below!

“All Things” – Four Corners Brewing, El Chignon IPA

Hussey: Two of these puppies is enough to make this sad song even sadder. If you’re into IPA this is going rock you plus the entire top of the can comes off.

“Lake Michigan” – Founders Brewing Co, All Day IPA

Hussey: Founders is a wonderful company with some great people working for them and are based out of Michigan.

“Runner Up” – Goose Island, Goose IPA

Hussey: Hitchens was mixed at Vudu studio where I’ve worked out of before and am doing the current AGO album. I felt like “Runner Up” could have been an AGO song so I’ll gladly pair the two.

“Stateside” – Stone Brewing, Stone IPA

Hussey: The song is based around the East Coast and for whatever reason this brewery made me feel the most like I was home. Anyone who gives us a free tour and beer samples is family in my book.

“Label” – Lagunitas Brewing, Lagunitas IPA

Hussey: Considering it’s a song about procrastinating, why not pair it with a beer than helps me do just that. Pretty much my hotel bar go to.

“Oxford” – Guiness, of course.

Hussey: Simply put it’s what I imagine everyone drinks at a pub discussing politics and philosophy. Its PBR for smart people. Speaking of…

“For Shame” – PBR

Hussey: For a song about people of faith being cruel to people in need, I offer the world’s worst beer. PBR, ladies and gentlemen.

“Walk You Out” – Young Veterans Brewing Co., Jet Noise Double IPA

Hussey: Theres no real reason for the pairing other than I was drinking it while writing and recording. They also put my face on a beer and take good care of the band when on tour.

“Vacancy” – Spoetzl Brewery, Shiner Bock

Hussey: One of my favorite episodes of The X-Files takes place in Texas so this is a no brainer. An easy going Amber for one of my favorite shows.

“Overflow” – Deep Ellum Brewing, Deep Ellum IPA

Hussey: My favorite song on the album deserves my favorite beer. If you’re ever in Deep Ellum then I highly recommend you stop by.