Hudson Taylor Will Take You on a Journey in “Run With Me”
video premiere

“Run With Me,” will make even the most lackadaisical listener want to get up and go.

The Hudson Taylor brothers have quite the extraordinary chemistry on stage and in the studio. With an innate ability to create finger-pickin’ good tunes, the Dublin duo has been churning out Americana-pop concoctions since 2013. With latest single “Run With Me,” the two continue to mix heart-wrenching cinematic flourishes with a roots revival spirit. They released the studio version in January, but now the acoustic version is here, showcasing a softer, but no less energetic side to the pair’s songwriting.

The song is filled with joyful harmonies and playful acoustic melodies and it’s clear in the session, that the two thrive off collaboration. But while the track may come off as fun-loving and breezy, the more vulnerable undertones hit straight to the heart. It’s that bittersweet mix that makes you feel like it’s summer already, bringing to mind a nostalgic wanderlust for faraway adventure.

Following their 2017 single “Feel it Again,” the song is off their highly anticipated upcoming EP, FEEL IT AGAIN, out March 23rd. If you want to see it live, don’t miss Hudson Taylor on tour throughout Europe and the US. We’re definitely “all in it for the long road,” with these charming siblings and singers. Like they said, they, “won’t let you down.”

Watch “Run With Me” below:

photo by: Brandon Herrell; background: Marketa/Flickr