Henry Nowhere Takes Us on an Analog Trip Through LA’s Best Hikes

Day Wave member Henry Nowhere releases solo project ‘Not Going Back’ and guides us through L.A.’s best hiking spots.

After working as a touring member of Day Wave for the past four years, Henry Moser, also known as Henry Nowhere, is finally stepping out on his own. The Los Angeles-based lo-fi pop solo artist released his debut EP Not Going Back Sept. 14, and Nowhere, whose music is hugely influenced by his surroundings, decided to let COLLiDE in on his favorite hikes in Los Angeles (hint: Runyon Canyon did not make the list). 


Murphy Ranch
This hike starts with sweeping ocean views and descends into a lush (for LA standards) valley. During WWII Nazi sympathizers made a camp here. It’s gratifying to see their old buildings covered in graffiti and reclaimed by nature. The valley is full of shady sycamore trees and the sound of a seasonal stream. There is a surreal, 500 step, narrow staircase that leads into the valley if you’re looking for a good butt workout.









Malibu Creek Canyon
This valley feels nothing like it’s surroundings. After driving through steep and rocky ravines you enter this flat and grassy valley with a wide creek running through. If you follow the creek it will lead you to a beautiful, cool
swimming hole beneath rocky peaks. I have had my eyes set on the Camp site there for a group camp some time in the near future. There’s nothing like friends, fire and food.










Mt. Wilson
This is the closest Alpine area I know of to L.A. In under an hour you can get from downtown to the top of this dramatic, rocky peak covered in pine trees. You get panoramic views of L.A. and the surrounding mountain ranges. The scenery and climate really make it feel a world away. It can even get 
snow in the winter.











Rancho Palos Verdes 
To get to this idyllic rocky beach you have to walk through the Trump Golf Course. I always take the opportunity to use the toilet. Once you descend the cliff to the beach below you feel miles away from any civilization, even on a hot Saturday. It’s not great for swimming, but you can cool your feet in the lively tide pools and enjoy scenic cliffs and sea.





















Mandeville Canyon
This is the next valley over from Murphy Ranch. It has much quicker access which makes it my favorite hike to go with my guitar on a whim. At the beginning of the trail there is an off limits dried up dam that leads to a long tunnel with an even longer echo. My favorite aspect of this trail is that it’s almost entirely under the shade of sycamore trees. Sometimes I tie my dog’s leash to my belt so my hands are free to play guitar as I sing down the canyon.

photo by: Nancy Lu, Jack Moser