Mile High Vinyl: Dig Through the Crates with Head for the Hills

Indie-folk-tinged bluegrass band Head For The Hills has been performing across the U.S. since 2004. The quintessential Colorado band is comprised of Adam Kinghorn (guitar), Joe Lessard (violin), Matt Loewen (standing bass) and Sam Parks (mandolin).

We caught up with violinist Joe Lessard, who shared his favorite record store in Denver: Wax Trax 

I’ve been coming here probably 10-15 years now. There’s a ridiculous pile of 45s they have here, always new arrivals every couple days. So I dig through things and sometimes find nothing. But I look for all sorts of music. 45 wise, I’m often looking for funky rare groove, soul and blues kind of music but really anything weird — lounge tracks, weird old country songs, or twangy stuff that could influence the bluegrass band.

I love to come to record stores like this one and many across the country to become re-inspired and find new sources of inspiration, new music, old music. This why I love vinyl: it never dies, the format never gets old and it’s actually seeing quite a resurgence. I know in my band, we have to do vinyl these days because we love it and everyone is actually buying it. There are plenty of nights we sell as many or more vinyl than we do CDs, so that’s always really encouraging. But it’s even more priceless to just have to go dig through a whole stack of dusty crap and then find that one gem you’re looking for, or weren’t searching for and just stumbled upon. That’s my favorite part about vinyl. I’ve found myself getting into a lot of world music that way— just grabbing something because it looked interesting and ending up falling in love with a whole era or country’s music. — Joe Lessard

photo by: Gigie Hall