Harrison Pulls Us Into a Dreamy Futuristic Landscape with “Atmosphere”
video premiere

Pair a perfectly crafted chillwave electro tune with an equally dreamy visual statement, and you have Harrison’s video for new single “Atmosphere.”

What starts off as a seemingly normal day for our protagonist soon turns surreal, when small moments of abstraction and futuristic imagery make an appearance. These flashes signal some other time or alternate reality, where moons are pink and gravity works in more mysterious ways. Like the song title so aptly points to, it’s an atmosphere unlike our own, and a fitting visual representation of Harrison’s innovative production skills. Featuring the vocals of fellow Canadian Daniela Andrade, the tune came together quickly and intuitively. Harrison says,

“I made the instrumental a year prior, but was unfinished. It was the first song we worked on together for this album. Daniela came up with the hook really quickly. Nothing was re-written. Probably came up with the lyrics in a half hour. Daniela’s vocals are mixed well into the track. They don’t sit up front. Fits the song perfectly.”

“Atmosphere” is the second single off Harrison’s upcoming full-length album. Listen below:

photo by: Mitch Brown; norsez Oh/Flickr