Hamish Anderson: Video Premiere “U”
video premiere

At some point in our musical history the blues pulled up it’s roots from the deep south and made its way to Australia landing in the ears of a young budding guitarist, Hamish Anderson.

After taking a liking to what those American bluesman had to offer musically, Hamish began following their lead.  Now Hamish is bringing the blues all the way back from Melbourne with the sound that is regarded as a religion in some states.  Hamish released his highly anticipated debut album Trouble to a very warm reception back in 2016 and he still has a few tricks up his sleeve.  His rock ballad “U” occupies spot eleven on the Trouble album and the song itself highlights Hamish’s buttery blues vocal that melts with subdued guitar rhythms like havarti on pretty much anything.

‘”U” was recorded at PLYRZ studios in LA with producer Jim Scott and even though the song is a ballad we wanted it to still have a big sound and not be too delicate with the arrangement. The organ was a big part of the sound with the B3 thru the Leslie giving it a hypnotic floating feel. The song is basically about carrying around a feeling and memories that you’re not able to shake.’

The video for “U” has a Topanga canyon vibe that is mellow, raw and dreamy.  I think cute blonde painting and sheets blowing in the wind pretty much solidify that you’ll watch this video.  Right?  Matching the story with the tempo, Hamish brings out the emotion of the track.  With an output like this, Hamish should have no doubt about the career he chose, he is truly a unique voice in a time that caters to synths and pop.

“Since this song really has a 70s vibe, I wanted to match it with imagery reminiscent of that era — things like really dreamy, sun-soaked canyon scenery & an overall Californian feeling. The concept had to be really simple — we didn’t want anything to get in the way of the tone of the song.”

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photo by: Jora Frantzis