album premiere

The California-born, Nashville-based indie pop starlet clones herself for a live set with selections from her debut album, out April 16th.


Haiva Ru is the main character — or, characters.

A multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and all-around badass with enviable style and swagger, the California-born artist is cooler than the coolest girl you know. If the very best parts of Kat Strafford, Sidney Prescott, and Veronica Sawyer were rolled into one person, and she sang like Samia or Clairo with a soulful edge, you’d have something close to the casually enchanting energy Haiva Ru embodies.

Luckily, we don’t have to imagine what exactly that hybrid femme fatale would look like, because Haiva Ru is right there on the screen. In fact, she’s there four times in her “Supa Clone” series, pre-recorded performances featuring Ru on every instrument imaginable. A one-woman HAIM, Ru and her duplicates are scattered across her living room as a complete musical ensemble. While leading with her vocals, she simultaneously takes point on drums, acoustic and electric guitar, and three different kinds of keyboards — and just when it couldn’t get any cooler, she riffs away on an alto saxophone.

This Friday’s Supa Clone installment, the third in the series, celebrates the release of Haive Ru’s debut album, Bloom Baby Bloom, out April 16th. In it, Ru rolls through some of the album’s highlights, including recent singles “Oh, But Lover” and “Space” along with some unreleased cuts. The stream captures a more organic side to Ru’s sprawling indie-pop sound, the live instrumentation giving an acoustic ambiance to some of tighter and minimal production on her tracks. Ru’s presence and genuine enjoyment of the set is promising for future live performances, and if the songs featured here are any indication, Bloom Baby Bloom is a record made for on-stage sing-alongs to come.

An indie pop star-on-the-rise with some real musical chops, Haiva Ru is proving herself to be one to watch as she continually pulls ahead of the pack. Her effortless charm and undeniable talent scream main-character energy, and when she picks up an instrument or 4, it’s impossible not to pay attention.

Catch the Bloom Baby Bloom Supa Clone livestream this Friday, April 16th on the COLLiDE Facebook page, as well as on the Haiva Ru Facebook page at 6pm PST/9pm EST!






photo by: Chase Denton